Need a clone

Like most working parents, there are days – let’s be honest, weeks – when I could really use a clone or the ability to bi-locate simultaneously. If I stay home with a sick child, I have the nagging suspicion that my work is suffering. If I’m at work instead of at mychild’s basketball game, I feel like I’m earning a spot in the Bad Mother Hall of Fame. This challenge has only been exacerbated by living and working in two different cities. To keep things really complicated, periodically I throw in some additional travel for business or assorted family crises and extra deadlines for trade journal articles. Bad weather simply adds a bit more confusion to the mix. I tend to thrive on chaos, so most of the time my life is manageable. There are days, though, when there simply aren’t enough hours to get it all done. Having worked  freelance, part-time and fulltime at various points during the past 25 years, I’ve found work-life balance an elusive concept.



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