Finding joy in simple things

Finding joy in simple things is an unappreciated gift, one my daughter, Erin, possesses.A warm smile, lunch out, a pleasant bus ride, a few friends and family members to call — it doesn’t take much to make a great day for Erin. Today she happily reported that she had an email address at “work” and was learning to use it. Erin teaches me daily that embracing life is a choice, one we must make anew again and again. Her capacity for love is so uninhibited and exuberant, yet the world would judge her as mentally deficient. Even the more politically correct developmentally disabled misses the point — do we look at what’s missing or do we focus on what’s there?


One Response to “Finding joy in simple things”

  1. sharon harmon Says:

    I wish I read this sooner. Erin has it right. The rest of us don’t get it!

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