Flu hits home

High fever? Check. Body aches? Check. Cough? Check. Sore throat? Check. Miserable? Check. One scared teenager? Absolutely.

After eight weeks of washing our hands incessantly, coughing into our sleeves (which still feels weird), and stocking up on hand sanitzer, my 14-year-old has come down with the flu. 

Unfortunately, due to the media hype, she’s fairly convinced she’s on a fast train journey to the grim reaper. Assurances from her father and I that she’ll live to try out for baskbetball have little impact, especially since our graduate degrees are in education and communication, not medicine.

Having older children, I realize this tendency to think your parents are idiots will dissipate sometime in her twenties. Right now, however, it looks like it’s going to be a long flu season.



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